Shipping to Switzerland

Shipping with First European

First European ship daily to Switzerland. This means we can import and export much quicker than our competitors that typically only run 2 transits a week.

Shipping to Switzerland

Express shipping to/from Switzerland

We run a range of services including direct Full Load Freight, Groupage for part loads and Express transits and trailers. Whilst Switzerland is neither a member of the EEA and EU, it is part of the single market. This means when shipping to and from Switzerland, there is extra VAT and Duty paperwork required to comply with local regulations.

First European manage all the headaches and time consuming processes for you, including VAT and Duty payments and local movement time restrictions.

  • Daily Departures
  • Freight Forwarding
VAT, Duty & Compliance

When exporting from Switzerland, you must declare the value of your goods and make payments through specialist clearing agents, before the goods can be cleared for export. We manage this process on your behalf using our own Determinitve Account and clearing agents.

Switzerland also restrits driving times for lorries with a maximum weightover 3.5 tonnes, articulated trailers / road trains over 5 tonnes and industrial tractors and machines. Restriction times are:

  • From 22:00 till 05:00 through the night
  • From 00:00 till 24:00 on Sundays and Public Holidays

If you’re struggling to organise clearance of goods to or from Switzerland, give us a call on 01282 839525 and we can explain how we can help you.

Small Van

Typical Load Dimension 140 x 100 x 100 cms
Typical Payload 500kgs

Sprinter Van

Typical Load Dimension 420 x 170 x 175 cms
Typical Payload 1,100kgs

Sprinter Van

Typical Load Dimension 420 x 170 x 175 cms
Typical Payload 1,100kgs

Luton Van

Typical Load Dimension 420 x 210 x 220 cms
Typical Payload 1,000kgs

7.5 Tonne Lorry

Typical Load Dimension 600 x 240 x 230 cms
Typical Payload 2,800kgs

12 Tonne Lorry

Typical Load Dimension 770 x 245 x 240 cms
Typical Payload 4,000kgs

18 Tonner Lorry

Typical Load Dimension 770 x 245 x 250 cms
Typical Payload 9,000kgs

Articulated Trailer

Typical Load Dimension 1360 x 245 x 270 cms
Typical Payload 24,000kgs

For more detailed information on delivery to Switzerland, please contact us on +44(0)1282 839525

At First European, we always work closely with you, your clients, our colleagues in the booking and distribution offices, and third parties such as customs, portal and rail offices. That means we can ensure a smooth operation and meeting your delivery deadlines.