Shipping to Europe

European Freight Services

Here at First European, shipping to Europe has become our speciality. We are constantly increasing our workload and are always setting up new depots via our extensive network of agents throughout mainland Europe as a result. We offer road freight services of the highest order and deliver a reliable, professional and efficient freight service to suit your specific individual or business needs.

Express shipping to/from UK

Load from 1kg to 1500kg on our express vans covering continental Europe. We specialise in finding the right delivery solution. Have an urgent time critical delivery to make then request a price from us for a dependable fast efficient and quick service.

Same day express options are also available so choose First European the premier express freight forwarder.

First European offer freight services to the following countries and more.

Simple Shipping to Europe

European shipping has many complications, however our dedicated team will simplify the process for our customers and get you on the next step of the journey as we take on European territory together.

We adhere to the guidelines, targets and time-scales that our clients put into place, ensuring that all of our customers are satisfied with the service that we offer. When shipping freight to Europe with First European, our clients tailor their own needs as we plan, design and specialise our deliveries to a number of different international destinations. We have companies on board who import and export products to and from Belgium, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Poland and Spain to name just a few and can offer a fantastic express service when delivering your outbound cargo via road to Europe.

Small Van

Typical Load Dimension 140 x 100 x 100 cms
Typical Payload 500kgs

Sprinter Van

Typical Load Dimension 420 x 170 x 175 cms
Typical Payload 1,100kgs

Sprinter Van

Typical Load Dimension 420 x 170 x 175 cms
Typical Payload 1,100kgs

Luton Van

Typical Load Dimension 420 x 210 x 220 cms
Typical Payload 1,000kgs

7.5 Tonne Lorry

Typical Load Dimension 600 x 240 x 230 cms
Typical Payload 2,800kgs

12 Tonne Lorry

Typical Load Dimension 770 x 245 x 240 cms
Typical Payload 4,000kgs

18 Tonner Lorry

Typical Load Dimension 770 x 245 x 250 cms
Typical Payload 9,000kgs

Articulated Trailer

Typical Load Dimension 1360 x 245 x 270 cms
Typical Payload 24,000kgs

All available to collection anywhere any time

For more detailed information on european express, please contact us on +44(0)1282 839525

At First European, we always work closely with you, your clients, our colleagues in the booking and distribution offices, and third parties such as customs, portal and rail offices. That means we can ensure a smooth operation and meeting your delivery deadlines.

Freight to Europe to for our Clients

So no matter what the specific requirements of our clients may be, you can be guaranteed that First European have the experience and high quality service that ensures your business needs run smoothly and appropriately.

Since the early days of First European, we have successfully taken the business from strength to strength and due to our high level of service, have become widely renowned as a leading force within the freight forwarding industry for exceptional service to our customers when shipping to Europe by road.

Complete our simple quote form for a no obligation quote, or call the team on (01282) 839525 for any questions about shipping freight to Europe.

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