Customs Clearance

Documents & Forms – We have you covered

Here at First European we can manage all of your customs clearance needs. We are experienced in all aspects of customs clearance, from EX1 documents, T forms, EUR1 forms – we have you and your business covered.

Please make sure you have an EORI number ready, this is very important we have your business EORI number, in our possession to customs clear your consignments.

With Brexit looming there is no need to worry as we are here to guide you and your shipments smoothly through Europe.

Our team are all qualified and have received Basic and Advanced Customs Entry Training.

For more detailed information on customs clearance, please contact us on +44(0)1282 839525 or email 

At First European, we always work closely with you, your clients, our colleagues in the booking and distribution offices, and third parties such as customs, portal and rail offices. That means we can ensure a smooth operation and meeting your delivery deadlines.

To do list

1. Apply for an EORI number
  • All importers and exporters, even if you are trading below the VAT threshold, will need a EORI number to continue to trade. You can apply for this on the government website. Click here
2. Do you know the commodity codes, used for your goods?
  • These codes are applicable to the type of goods you trade in. You can check on the government website for the correct and up to date codes. Click here
  • Please ensure all of your goods, commodity codes are presented on your commercial invoice to First – European.
3. Check the Incoterms for your goods.

It is very important that you know and understand the terms of sale for your goods that you are trading.
Please ensure your trading Incoterms are presented on your commercial invoice to First European.

4. Check the VAT rate for your goods.
  • The government has stated the VAT on imports will be accounted for using postponed accounting duty will not have to be paid before the goods arrive in the UK port. However, in the event of a hard Brexit under WTO (World Trade Organization) rules many goods will be subjected to duty at various rates. An indication of the duty rates can be obtained from the government website, trade tariff. Click here
5. Apply for a duty deferment account.
  • This will allow you to postpone the payment of import duty, just as we do with VAT at present. Click here
6.Your Commercial Invoice.
  • All shipments, both Import and Export, requires a full commercial invoice covering the goods.
7. What is your plan?
  • Please read the Border Operator Model. Click here
8. Imports – Are you familiar?
  • If you are a regular importer, are you already familiar with the process? Are you planning on using the delay process procedure? There is no delay process for EXPORTS.
9. Consignees – Be prepared for a NO DEAL.
  • Your consignees may need to pay DUTY on the import into their country of import in case OF A NO DEAL, have they organised a clearing agent?
10. Apply to be an authorised consignor / consignee.
  • Using your premises to start or end the movement of transit of goods (it’s free). Click here
  • Have you authorised us to use your deferment account?

We will need to prepare customs clearances on all import and export shipments and therefore we will need to have all documents in ourp ossession before loading. This will give us some extra time during the working day to check and advise you if any changes need to be made.

Please note, that unless all the requirements are met in order to satisfy customs that it could mean your shipment may not be able to be shipped. The terms of sale will generally show who will be paying the customs clearance charge. The input you have to provide us with is listed below.

  • Invoice and packing list showing shipper and consignee
  • Number of packages and weight (gross and net)
  • Export document (in case you will create this by yourselves)
  • Currency and value of the shipment
  • Country of origin
  • The delivery terms and customs commodity code(s)  – please be aware, there may be more than one.

If you want to have your customs and transport activities completed by one logistics service provider, to avoid delay because of customs clearance, please kindly respond to this form on your company letterhead, Copy and Paste the statement on the last page of the PDF attached and send it back (per email) to Jenna Tattersall ( or contact us via telephone in case of further questions (+44 1282 839525).