Transporting Powders Across Europe


Read our interview with a customer that manufactures powders and distributes across Europe to Italy, Austria, France and Hungary.

PRODUCT CARRIED: Artifical Powders
IMPORT TO: Italy, Hungary, France, Austria
EXPORTING FROM: Manchester, England
TRANSPORT USED: Curtain Sided Taughtliner (40ft), via Ferry

FEL: Can you tell us a bit about the products you transport to Europe?

CLIENT: “Sure, we manufacture Off-Set Spray Powders (also referred to as printing dust), which is used in the production of printing, plastics and food packaging services.
We manufacture in various countries and repackage goods for our European customers from our Warehousing centre in Oldham, Manchester”.


FEL: You’ve chosen to use our Groupage service for your shipments, why is that?

CLIENT: “We have customers located throughout Europe and use First European for our shipments to Italy, Hungary, France and Austria. Due to the nature of our customers manufacturing, they call off stock as and when required, so that can mean anything from 2 to 5 jobs a week, or 5 to 100 pallets.
Using the Groupage service is hugely cost effective for us; it means we don’t need to wait for a full trailer load before shipping as it’s a shared service. We’ve found quite a few advantages such as;

  1. Lower transporting costs,
  2. Being able to exceed our customers delivery requirements
  3. Reducing our cost of product storage.  “

FEL: Are there any special considerations to be made with your cargo?

CLIENT: “Yes, remember we are shipping fine powders which can easily be contaminated and attract moisture ingress and contamination. We have a special requirement that are goods cannot be shipped with any food flavour products or goods that let off odour, as it will offset the powder and damage the goods.
First European make allowances for this and manage the Groupage services to ensure there’s no cross contamination with other goods loaded on the same trailers. You’re also delivering directly to our customer, so we trust you to represent us in the right way”.


FEL: What is the process of arranging delivery and collection?

CLIENT: “First European manage the full process for us. As we store the goods in our Manchester warehouses, you organise the collection of goods and paperwork. As with most businesses, it’s always the paperwork and red tape that slows us down, but First European take control of all that for us and remove the headache.

For example, you told us about the new EKAER ruling effecting VAT and distribution of goods through Hungary. This effects our pricing and legal documentation requirements. If we get that wrong we can be hit with hefty fines, devaluing our product margins, never mind the disruption of delivery times. Having a transportation company that are on the ball and able to warn us in advance of regulation changes is invaluable”.


FEL: So what documentation is required?

CLIENT: “You know more than me! The shipments we move to Hungary are under the new VAT rule so as I mentioned that’s the new EKAER paperwork.
I believe we also have the CMR documentation?


FEL: That’s right (you’re learning). Your shipments to Hungary require EKAER, (stands for Electronic Trade and Transport Control System or elektronikus közúti áruforgalom-ellenőrző rendszer’). It is designed to reduce the current high levels of VAT fraud in Hungary and monitor goods trafficking inside Hungary and transported on public roads between member states of the European Union.

Your CMR documentation is required for all loads and is completed by the driver at the loading point. The guys loading the truck then sign that they have given the driver the goods in a clean working order and keep a copy. This same documents is then given to the offloading point to sign they have received the same goods in clean working order again they keep a copy. The driver then hands all the paper work back into this office and they are sent over to First European.

CLIENT: “As I said, you know more than me”!

FEL: How would you compare us with other Hauliers?

CLIENT: “We’ve being using your services for other 3 years now. That’s a testament to the service and reliability you provide. We get haulage companies calling us every day trying to win the work, promising low costs etc etc; but for us knowing you provide reliability and knowledge is a far greater value to us.

FEL: Thank you very much for your time.

CLIENT: “You’re welcome!

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