The below information is required to process customs clearance before collection.

  • EORI number (both consignee/consignor)
  • Commodity codes
  • Customs procedure codes
  • Incoterms
  • Details of consignee
  • Details of consignor
  • Commercial invoice
  • Manifest of items
  • Description of goods
  • packaging details
  • Gross weight and Net weight
  • Sale value of goods
  • Currency items were bought in
  • Country of origin
  • Place and time to collect goods
  • Origin Statement

If you have outsourced elsewhere to custom clear or prefer to do it yourself. We will need to know when the booking is confirmed. We would also need to receive a copy of the entry with the unique movement reference number (MRN) where we will be able to see if it has been given a permission to proceed (P2P).

Transit Documents

A T1 is a transit document which allows non-EU goods to move freely across borders without the need to pay Taxes and Duties at every border, this also ensures that all duties and VAT required will be paid the declarant of the T1 acts as a guarantor as such.

Any goods leaving GB and going to EU requires a T1 document unless clearance has been arranged for the port of arrival Ie. Calais/Rotterdam/Zeebrugge.