From the 1st of January 2021, the way we transport goods around Europe will change.

Regardless, of whether we have a Trade deal between the UK and other member states, all goods for Export and Imports, will still be required to be custom cleared.

This is where FirstEuropean will be here to help and guide you along the way!

Our training with Vartan (specialist in Custom Compliance) has been essential for us to prepare and understand the required information that needs to be submitted to customs and the upcoming Brexit events.

MultiShed is the software solution for UK Customs Declarations Clearance, Brokerage and Duty Management and has direct feed to CHIEF & HMRC, allowing quick updates and fast responses, making transition though customs quicker and smoother.

This means for you, that after sending all the correct information required you can leave your goods in our capable hands. You will be updated promptly on process of your clearance and the completed declaration.

While customs declarations can be made by anyone either Importing and/or exporting, customs clearance agents are specifically trained in dealing with customs clearance should they act on behalf of a company as a ‘Direct Representative’

If you do require FirstEuropean Logistics to act as your ‘Direct Representative’, you will need to complete a legal document.

Along with ‘Direct representation’ we require the following as a minimum for both customs Export and Import. Other information may be required given the type of load.

Please NOTE:

Wooden pallets entering into the UK as of the 1st January 2021 will need to be heat treated with the packaging standard that protects the earths forests from diseases, known as the International Standard for Phytosanitary Measures no.15 (ISPM15). Marked with an internationally recognised mark.

Rules Of Origin Requirements: In order to benefit from the EU-UK Trade Agreement ‘zero tariff’ (zero customs duties), it’s essential that you provide evidence of the country of origin in the commercial or pro-forma invoice for both B2B and B2C shipments – please do this using the statement below for UK or EU goods fulfilling the relevant rules of origin requirements, Without the statement, it will not be possible for VOS to claim the duty relief, and it may not be possible for VOS to amend the documentation post-clearance without additional charges, if at all.


The exporter of the products covered by this document (exporter reference number) declares that, except where otherwise clearly indicated, these products are of …. preferential origin.

(country and date)

(name of Exporter)